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At Apex Ag each location is independent owned & operated allowing each location to work on what they are passionate about. Below are listed what each location does other then precision Ag.


Kelvington- A&I Parts, speed rite fencers, local area custom harvesting, repair shop doing everything from engine rebuilds to electrical trouble shooting and repair.


Moosomin- Sells Dupont Pioneers seeds and offers custom spraying service to the area.


Swan River- Has a tractor repair shop for the Swan River area, and also offers A&I products


Semans- Tractor, Truck. Tire sales & repair, Performance Chips/ delete kits, Grandwest Truck accessories, DSI Sinister Diesel & A&I Parts


Yorkton- Refer to our drainage link above


Weyburn- Owner/ operator of A-5 Ag repair, specializing in the repair & service of Ag equipment 


Russell- Operate Prairie NH3 Parts 



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